Every person entering Argentina should be in possession of a valid passport or ID card (neighbouring countries). Some countries require a Visa http://www.migraciones.gov.ar/accesibleingles/?visas
Please contact the nearest Argentine Embassy or Consulate to your home for further information. https://www.mrecic.gov.ar/representaciones

Reciprocity Fee http://www.migraciones.gov.ar/accesibleingles/ (USA, Canada, Australia)

It’s important that you should know the requirements, for, whether you need visa, there are special procedures to follow: Invitation Letter signed by the Congress Authorities, in English as well as in Spanish, authentication of signature by Notary Public and by the Association of Argentinean Notaries, Renure certification, sending of the letters by email and the originals by air mail.

Whether you need Visa to enter Argentina, you should fill in a special document (required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina) which will be available by September 2015, and send it by email to mjpersano@anajuan.com

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