Subject Matter

Medicine in the world and in America: Identities and influencies

Main Topics

1- Endemic and epidemic diseases
2- Emergent pathologies: Alzheimer┬┤s disease, Parkinson, Diabetes
3- Evolution in paintreatment
4- Zoonosis history
5- Infectology and immunology: infections agents and vector
6- Legal and forensic Medicine
7- Body Conservation through centuries
8- Deontology evolution
9- Social medicine: health policy
10- Sport Medicine
11- Medical concepts in Antiquity
12- Palliative Care
13- Pre-colombine medicine and pharmacopoeia in South America
14- The teaching of Medicine
15- Dentistry: beginnings and current situation
16- Incidence of pharmaceutical industry in the medical field
17- Social Services in the world and in the country. Health financial support
18- Medicine and Immigration. Hospitals┬┤ history. Influence of foreign communities
19- Medicine, Culture, Art and Religion
20- Nobel Prizes in Medicine
21- Use of active minerals, animal and vegetable in Medicine
22- Diet and Medicine
23- History of University Reformation in Argentina and its impact on the Hispanic world
24- History of Psychology
25- Free communications / Miscellaneous